Windowsill Chats with the Margo Tantau & Beth-Part 1

Sep 09, 2022
Windowsill Chats with the Margo Tantau & Beth-Part 1


Hello my Creative friend!

Welcome to another edition of bdi Create-Today! I’m so glad you are joining me for this extra special episode.

Today we are going to get out the earbuds, pour a cup of—whatever…coffee, matcha latte, PSL...?

Then... sit back, and relax... I invite you to listen to a conversation I had with the amazing Margo Tantau on her creative podcast, Windowsill Chats.

Margo Tantau is an incredibly gifted and generous artist and teacher. She is a creative connector for aspiring artists, counsellor, curator, collector and collaborator —of all things creative. Margo is amazing and one of the friendliest creatives I've had the opportunity to mingle with!

Margo Tantau's podcast, Windowsill Chats  is.. “focused on artists and creatives who are curious about what it's like to live, work & walk a creative path.” 

In all her episodes, you'll find honest stories, refreshing tips, artistic business advice, and real conversations with global artists & makers. 

Margo Tantauis the gorgeous host of this creative podcast. She is a 30+ year Creative Director, Product Designer & maker. Most importantly, she is a cheerleader for creative success! 

If you are looking to expand your knowledge of creativity and the business of being creative - you’ll want to subscribe to Windowsill Chats and tune each week as she explores all things creative!

Visit her website to learn more about her Podcast, and her online offerings. Margo is an excellent source for artists who are wanting to understand more about the business of art.

Here is how you can find out more about Margo Tantau:



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