Learn the ART of PROCREATE

The most comprehensive program for learning, experimenting and creating YOUR unique art in PROCREATE


This is the only implementation program of its kind that not only teaches– the tools of Procreate– BUT also how to use this knowledge to ignite creativity, find more time to create daily, and move art from crafts to cash.

All the tools, tips & techniques to take your creativity to the next level!

YOU deserve it! Take some well deserved "ME" time to learn this valuable creative skill! Discover Procreate with me - at your own pace - and you'll be amazed at what you can... Create-Today! :)

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Before I tell you more about 
"Learn the ART of PROCREATE" let's talk about who this course is really for...

You’re a creative with no shortage of artistic ideas, but finding time and space to create is a daily struggle, and often you feel your creativity has lost its unique power...

Whether you're a:

• A traditional artist who wants to learn to work digitally on a tablet - but has been timid about absorbing all that "techy" jargon. :)

• A busy creative with crazy days who finds it difficult to find "studio" time because family & schedule keep you from dedicated time to work.

• A creative who does not have space to spread out art supplies– and this keeps you from starting and/or finishing  your great ideas...

If you answered “wow, that’s me” to any (or all) of the’re in the right place!

Step-by-Step I will guide you through Procreate's tools and techniques, and I will provide support–not only about learning Procreate– but also how to apply this new knowledge to YOUR unique art.

You'll be amazed how Procreate will ignite your creativity through its powerful tools, AND its portability will provide artistic freedom!

By the end of this program,

you will have…

  • Mastered the essential tools, tips and techniques of Procreate

    You will understand the tools, brush libraries (including smudge and eraser), color palette, gestures, and more!
  • Created YOUR unique art after discovering the Procreate brushes/techniques that work with your style.

    Personal exploration during course modules - along with Q&A's with Beth will help master techniques to create your special style of art.
  • Discovered the variety of art genre and products you can produce in Procreate

    For example: drawing & painting techniques, textures, creating stickers, mandalas, calligraphy, surface patterns, animation, and more!
  • Practiced how to import & manage Procreate files 

    You will be able to import and export files; organize your gallery; and  know how to save Procreate files into a variety of formats. 
  • Understand how to prepare files for upload to clients, customers, or POD sites to get your art on product

    Move your art from Crafts to CASH by learning how to get art files uploaded to POD sites, or prepared for submission to clients, customers, and buyers.

"Thanks so much for everything! I feel like I've grown a lot as an illustrator and I credit this class for the room to be able to grow."

- 2021 Fall Illustration College Student

What’s Inside
Learn the ART of PROCREATE

Module 1

The Essentials of Procreate

From the beginning of our class, I will set you up for success. We will walk... step-by-step through Procreate’s essential tools, actions and gestures— to make learning the “ways” of Procreate easy and breezy.  I break the tools down into snackable sections–so you can concentrate on a few key elements at a time. You’ll learn a few tools, and practice with a fun tutorial—and when you’re ready—move to the next section.  (You can watch and rewatch as needed!) Take this first module at your pace...nice and easy—or binge it like a good series on Netflix! It’s all up to you. 

This Module will cover Proreate's:

  • Gallery and Stacks
  • Document Setup (custom, presets, & info you need to know in settings)
  • Setting up Preferences
  • The Basics on Brushes, Smudge & Eraser Tools (deeper dives to follow)
  • Layers and their organization
  • Layer Modes and how to use easily experiment and use them!
  • Grouping Layers (why & how)
  • Layer Masks (comparison and how/when to use them)
  • Adjustments Tools
  •  SelectionTools
  • TransformTools
  • And More!
Module 2

Creating with Color and Drawing Assist 

Procreate offers a fascinating variety of palette & color options. I'll share how I organize my Procreate color and palettes, and you can use/revise to achieve your favorite color settings. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to create custom palettes from reference photos or images. 

We’ll also explore the “Drawing Assist” capability that provides incredible guidance when working with symmetry, perspective, grids and more. You’ll get lost in your creativity as you play with the endless possibilities this amazing feature provides. It's like an artistic super power! So. Much. Fun.

And, we’ll do a deeper dive into the Selection, Transform & Adjustments tools. These clever tools will help you create a plethora of techniques you may be creating traditionally with your art supplies. Learning a digital way to create a technique is —exciting knowledge to tuck into your “creative tool-belt!”

This Module will cover Procreate's:

  • Color Palette - viewing options
  • Built in Palette library and custom Palette options
  • Importing images and photos to build a custom palette
  • Drawing Assist
  • Symmetry
  • Perspective
  • The Liquify Tool
  • Gaussian Blur
  • Reference Windows
  • And more!
Module 3

Bountiful Brush Library (plus Smudge & Eraser Tools!)

You will find the POWERFUL Procreate brush library amazing and magical. Procreate comes packed with an extensive library —but it doesn’t stop there. We’ll go on a virtual field trip and go SHOPPING for additional brushes. You will have plenty of time to experiment and explore the existing library to help you discover “just the right” brush or texture to create YOUR art. Can’t find a brush that meets your expectations? Not to worry - Procreate allows you to revise any brush to make alterations that meet your artistic approval. We'll work our way through playing with custom brushes!

Module Highlights:

  • Watercolor Brush Library
  • Pen & Pencil Library
  • Textures  (Super cool and fun to play with!)
  • Charcoal and Pastel Library
  • We’ll shop a variety of sites for brush options (yay... shopping!)
  • We’ll learn to import new brushes
  • We’ll experiment with revising and making custom brushes
  • And, of course, you’ll experiment to find the brushes that light up your creative soul!
  • And more!
Module 4

Revive - Realize - Refine - Release" ...Let's ignite our creativity!

Here, we take a quick digital break to shake out our artistic limbs. In this module, we’ll look inward and work outward— to rekindle a fresh, creative fire. We’ll consider four areas that, when working together, can spark and come to life—to create a healthier and more productive, creative process. This module will be refreshing for your artistic mind, body, and soul.

Module Highlights:

  • Revive - We will take a moment to concentrate on - and take care of -  our inner creative spirits
  • Realize - We'll stop, look and become aware of our surroundings, and collect fragments of creativity that spark our imaginations
  • Refine - We'll collect these fragments, and begin to arrange, connect and conceptualize the creative puzzle they present 
  • Release - And now, we'll finalize our ideas, and craft these collected thoughts into our next amazing works of art
Module 5

Advanced Procreate Techniques 

In this module, we will take the Procreate knowledge you have collected, and the freshly ignited creative spirit you have unleashed—and we’ll explore Procreate’s advanced capabilities. This is a perfect time to begin to experiment with YOUR art style as we contemplate a variety of clever possibilities for making amazing digital art.

This Module will explore the creation of:

  • Sentiments & Quotes - options for text with fonts and handmade calligraphy
  • Repeat Patterns 
  • Mandalas (I’ve a couple methods I use—that I will share)
  • Animation (fun examples for creating animated gifs with text and/or illustrations!)
  • The “videos” your work automatically creates in Procreate (So fun!)
  • Stickers! (Such a popular POD product!) 
  • And more!
Module 6

The Compatibility of Procreate 

In this module you will learn how to export documents “out of your iPad” and into your computer to use with Adobe CC software. You'll practice saving documents in a variety of file formats for online applications, product or print usage, and more. 

We’ll also discuss some very important, common sense organization to backup the illustrations in your gallery. Again…easy to learn…and easy to do. 

And…in this module, we’ll begin to address the burning question… HOW do I get my Procreate work from “Crafts to CASH”? We’ll discuss how to save files to send to POD sites, clients, and interested agents, buyers, and companies that are seeking to license art.

This Module will explore how to:

  • Export files
  • Choose file formats
  • Work with files imported into Photoshop and Illustrator 
  • Back up your Procreate files for peace of mind
  • We’ll discuss how to prepare files for a variety of usages
    (i.e.: POD sites, Submissions, Presentations, etc.)
  • And more!
Module 7

The Journey - moving from "Crafts to Cash"
(Start Today!) 

In this module we’ll discuss Creative BIZ opportunities—like how to "do the work" of... growing your network of peers...choosing artistic communities that have common creative business interests... and...choosing where/how your work will get noticed by interested people and companies. We’ll explore how to organize, and arrange your work into collections and trends. AND then, discuss how to design and prepare beautiful presentations—that will add EXTRA SIZZLE to your amazing art. This is an exciting module that will help you consider where/what and how to focus on your future Procreate creations!

This Module highlights:

  • Networking with Art Communities that concentrate on the Biz of Art
  • Choosing and planning a marketing strategy that showcases YOU, and your work!
  • Art Agents - and/or self representation
  • Licensing your art
  • Submissions to companies 
  • POD Opportunities
  • Selling your own products
  • And, of course…more!  
Module 8

Graduation Ceremony (LIVE!) 

We will have a LIVE- ONLINE Graduation Ceremony to celebrate all your achievements, and new found Procreate knowledge! You’ll get a beautiful certificate of completion, and we’ll all have a chance to see the gallery of amazing work that the class has created. 

There will be time to share individually about all the “ta-dahs” experienced during the class journey! We will celebrate the smallest win and the largest “OMG!”  Celebrating even what seems small… or ordinary is what makes life extra-ordinary! That’s my motto!

We’ll discuss what’s now and next as we move into our new creative future.

At the end of "Learn the ART of PROCREATE" you'll find:

  • you have KNOWLEDGE at your finger tips—about the power of PROCREATE
  • You will know how to use Procreate’s tools and techniques to create the art in YOUR imagination
  • You will have new found avenues to rekindle and IGNITE your creativity
  • You will have sources and can make plans to take your art from CRAFTS to CASH
  • You will have made new artistic friends in the community


What are you waiting for...
Let’s start this creative journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t wait for you to
"Learn the ART of PROCREATE"

I've been a Licensed Artist for decades...and have taught college, upper level, digital illustration for years. I know what I teach. And I know what you experience each day as a creative.

As an artist who spent countless hours in my studio– drawing and painting to meet deadlines– while my family lived life around me… sometimes I felt very alone.

In 2018, while purchasing my iPad Pro, an Apple Genius told me about Procreate. I downloaded the $9.99 App - and BOOM - it changed my creative life. So, here I am preaching the good news to you today!

With Procreate, I learned to draw and paint– MY art– in the same room where my family watches television. I can draw and paint at anytime during a busy day.  Now, my studio is back to the haven it once was. I’m no longer locked in one room to find my creativity.

My friends - when you can take your tablet anywhere, and create YOUR art whenever or wherever your imagination is knocking– you catch creativity before it fades. It can be magical. 

I'm looking forward to being creative together!


All the tools, tips & techniques to take your creativity to the next level!

YOU deserve it! Take some well deserved "ME" time to learn this valuable creative skill! Discover Procreate with me - at your own pace - and you'll be amazed at what you can... Create-Today! :)

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