Let's talk– how to REALLY learn to draw & paint with Procreate!

Aug 11, 2022

 Hello my Creative friend!

Today we are going to chat about one of my favorite subjects - drawing & painting in Procreate.
Procreate is a powerful drawing App created especially for the Apple iPad. It allows you to create art –anytime –anywhere with no setup –or cleanup! 

 As a graphic designer and illustrator who is always working towards a deadline– solutions for time saving techniques have always been important to me. 

After buying an iPad Pro (in 2018), I downloaded the $9.99 app PROCREATE —and it changed my creative life. Now...Procreate is my favorite source for rendering illustrations, and developing product design ideas.
(pssst... Procreate still only costs $9.99! ...not kidding!)

Working in Procreate, I am able to create design motifs, illustrations, surface patterns and even animations - that can be easily translated into final art or product design for my licensing clients.

But enough about me... let’s talk about you!
Are you a busy creative who needs a resource for creating your unique art digitally? 
...Are you interested in REALLY learning to draw and paint with Procreate?

Here are just a few of my students who have learned to create their unique art in Procreate.

Let me introduce you to Patty. She wanted a course that taught all the tools and techniques of Procreate. She enrolled in my online course “Learn the ART of PROCREATE, and is now using her new Procreate skills to pitch to a toy company. 

Let me tell you about Carolyn - a published author who took my course and is using Procreate to create Illustrations for her first picture book.

And let me also introduce you to Jan - a professional licensed artist who took my course and rocketed her productivity by learning to create her unique art - digitally with Procreate!

Ready to test out the power of Procreate? 
I suggest you begin with my kickstart tutorial - it will provide a foundation of knowledge to get you started!

If you are ready NOW to REALLY learn Procreate...
Come…join me in the next class of “Learn the ART of PROCREATE.”
(The Fall '22 class begins in September!
A perfect time to start learning something new!)
Hop onto the waitlist so you can be the first to know when enrollment starts - and can take advantage of the early bird bonuses and (really super) discounts too! 

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Thanks for joining me today - stay on the look-out for more artsy news, Ideas, and adventures in the weeks to come!

As always…imagine what you… could CREATE-TODAY :)
Until next time…stay creative my friend!

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Get the details about all the tools tips and techniques you will learn to create YOUR unique art in Procreate!

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