Welcome to BDI-Create Today!

Jul 26, 2022

Hello my Creative Friend,

Welcome to bdi-Create-Today!
I’m Beth Buffington

Each time you visit Create-Today, you'll find artistic ideas, tutorials, adventures and recipes about how YOU can Create-Today.

Together, we'll explore the power of Procreate...the wonder—that is the color wheel... and the process...of making a creative process—a process in your life.
We'll also explore the art of business—and the business of art—to take your crafts...to CASH.

Spend a little time with me to discover how to find more ways and time to make your creative self happier, healthier—and MORE creative… as you Create-Today.

A little about myself.

I was the girl that made school posters… the artist for the yearbook…I made homemade cards…I alway had a sketchbook filled with whatever seemed fascinating at the time… cats… horses… cartoon characters… and glamorous, pretty girls from magazines. 

I went to college to study illustration and graphic design. In my professional life—I’ve created as a graphic designer, illustrator, product designer, marketing specialist, and digital illustration instructor.

Today… I live in Chicagoland with my husband, Tom and our Westie pup, Razzberry. 
I run my my BDI Celebrate-Today and Create-Today businesses from my home studio.

My personal art is focused on creating home and gift products that celebrate the simple moments of each day.

As we all know… Life is everyday.  And, It’s being grateful and making the ordinary - extraordinary that helps us celebrate "today"  For example, eating takeout on a Tuesday evening on the good china by candle light —that can be a celebration.

Our world today… is a crazy, noisy and sometimes, a frightening planet…

As creatives… I believe one of the best ways to stay grounded…and calmer… is to find moments to Create-Today… 
inding a little time to be creative each day - helps us stay centered, happier and even healthier.

bdi Create-Today focuses on how YOU can Create-Today
When your inner creative is nurtured with new knowledge and self care—you’ll find your overall happiness and often even your health is lifted to a new level.

Come to Create-Today to explore and learn, then put these new thoughts and skills into motion… and return to Create-Today to stay connected—to keep your newly ignited creativity burning bright.

And remember we’ll also focus on how you can market these news skills to take your creative business to the next level.

Here’s is an opportunity to change YOUR creative life 
...through the power of Procreate
...by learning how to live in COLOR
...by exploring MY FourWords Creative Process™ —and by putting these ideas and skills into motion to take your art goals to the next level!

Imagine what a little creative knowledge can mean to your art goals and your creative happiness… join me on this creative journey… 
Imagine what you can... CREATE TODAY!!

Until next time…stay creative, my friend!

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