Let's Create-Today with a zenfully delightful Procreate tutorial!

Sep 25, 2022

Today, I'm sharing two of my passions... wildflowers...and Mandalas!

(with a free Procreate Snack Tutorial...yay)

Lately, I have been fascinated with the forest preserve near my home. I love biking with Tom, or walking with Razzberry on the trails. While I'm there, I take pictures and videos of flowers to reference for future Procreate projects. 

It's amazing to watch the seasons' kaleidoscopic change. Each time I visit, new varieties of blossoms are bursting to showcase their beauty in shape and color. I love looking at the landscape from vast to tiny— as an expansive, wild prairie; as individual plants; as a single flower; and as intricate shapes that create each petal, stamen, leaf and stem. From large to small, the beauty is there for an artist's eye to admire and absorb.

Today. we will focus on a thistle flower from the forest preserve...and we will explore one of my favorite Procreate symmetry techniques. You'll love it!

Together...Let's create a beautiful Wildflower Mandala!

Click here to access the tutorial page—and let's get started. :) 




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