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...Summer '24 Workshop
with Beth Berns Buffington

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In This Workshop



The Power to Profit with Procreate

Spend a little time with me, and
you'll discover how YOU can Profit with Procreate, and take
your creative Biz or Side Hustle to the next level! 


Discover... the ART of PROCREATE

"Create-Today" is the place to learn Procreate - AND map your path to SUCCESS.
Procreate will be your most valuable biz building tool for your creative business.
Come to the workshop to discover tips and tricks of Procreate,
and learn how YOU can build your ART BIZ with Procreate.


Explore how PROCREATE can increase
creativity & productivity!

Craving inspiration?
Ready to build the creative business of your dreams?
Want more time to spend with the people you love?
I will show you how creating YOUR art with Procreate will...
increase your creativity, provide creative freedom,
AND give you more time with loved ones.
Come, and let me show you how Procreate's possibilities
can move your creative business to the next level!


If you are a creative interested in learning PROCREATE...

No matter your skillset as a creative, my workshop will open up a world of opportunities! 
Procreate is a beautiful and portable solution for creating 
expressive drawings, rich paintings, patterns and calligraphy.
 Procreate is a stress free way to take your art from
Procreate - to Products - to PROFITS. 
Let me show you how. :)

...DO NOT miss the Summer workshop!
(It is FREE!)

"I took Beth’s class and it has been a game changer for me.
I can finally create my art away from my computer/Photoshop!

I’ve been a licensed artist for over 20 years,
but it's never too late to learn new ways to work.

Do yourself a favor and take Beth’s class!"

Jan Shade Beach

Are you timid about learning new technology?

I'm here to make this journey fun and easy!

I'll guide you step-by-step through Procreate's tools, and together we'll dive into my tutorial. You can explore your new knowledge at your pace, and watch/rewatch the video after our workshop. 

And... Do NOT feel alone! Many of my students are new to Procreate. This is a safe and comfortable space where you can discover how to create your art and build skills as a digital artist.

Today is the perfect time to BEGIN...
Join me in this FREE workshop –It will be great fun!

A Note From The Instructor...

I've been a licensed, digital artist for decades...and I've taught digital illustration for years.
So, trust me when I say— I have so much to share with you!

My friend, now is the perfect time for you to begin this creative journey.
Join me in this workshop, and Ignite your creativity through the ART of PROCREATE!
You will benefit in both artistic mind, heart, and soul.

What are you waiting for? 
Begin... this journey with me... reserve your seat...
and you can Create {your best life} Today!

Until then– stay creative, my friend!
xoxo ~Beth


Martha Collins

Sometimes it’s just time to learn new things,
change up the way you work and challenge yourself to grow…
I’ve applied this thought to myself with Beth’s Procreate program.

The videos are easy to follow, I work at my own pace.
The drawing lettering and painting tools are taking my work to the next level.
Now I can work wherever I want, when I want.