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Learn the ART of PROCREATE

The most comprehensive program for learning, experimenting and creating YOUR unique art in PROCREATE

This is the only implementation program of its kind that not only teaches– the tools of Procreate– BUT also how to use this knowledge to ignite creativity, find more time to create daily, and move your art from crafts to cash.

Before I tell you more about 
"Learn the ART of PROCREATE" let's talk about who this course is really for...

You’re a creative with no shortage of artistic ideas, but you are searching for a way to build on your current Procreate knowledge AND ALSO learn how to make MONEY with the artwork you create!

Whether you're:

‚ÄĘ A traditional artist who¬†wants¬†to learn¬†Procreate (starting at the beginning) - but¬†you've been timid about¬†understanding all that "techy" jargon. :)

‚ÄĘ An emerging digital artist¬†who¬†has learned a little (or a lot) about Procreate...but there are gaps in your knowledge‚ÄĒthat¬†keep you from creating YOUR unique art inside Procreate. AND you're confused about how to use your Procreate art to make money. I'm here to share my experience with you!

‚ÄĘ A busy creative¬†who needs a creative tool that¬†will save time:
¬† ¬† ‚ÄĘ when creating new art¬†
¬† ¬† ‚ÄĘ when clients ask for revisions
¬† ¬† ‚ÄĘ when clients or printers need¬†digital files for final art.
Look no further! Procreate has been my creative secret sauce to success - for YEARS

‚ÄĘ A creative who does not have space to spread out art supplies‚Äď and this keeps you from starting¬†and/or finishing¬† your great ideas...¬†Procreate allows you to paint with your messiest brushes on your couch - and you can make money while you watch Netflix!

If you answered ‚Äúwow, that‚Äôs me‚ÄĚ to any (or all) of the above...you‚Äôre in the right place!

In this course I personally guide you through Procreate's tools and techniques,
and I will provide individual guidance on how to take your art from PROCREATE - to PRODUCTS - to PROFITS!

You'll be amazed how¬†Procreate can take your¬†business or side hustle to that next level ‚ÄĒand provide creative freedom!

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By the end of this program,

you will have…

  • Mastered¬†the essential tools, tips and techniques of Procreate

    You will understand the tools, brush libraries (including smudge and eraser), color palette, gestures, and more!
  • Created¬†YOUR unique art¬†after discovering¬†the Procreate brushes/techniques that work with your style.

    Personal exploration during course modules - The carefully constructed video lessons will help you master techniques to create your special style of art.
  • Discovered the variety of art genre and products you can produce in Procreate

    For example: drawing & painting techniques, textures, creating stickers, mandalas, calligraphy, surface patterns, animation, and more!
  • Practiced how to import & manage Procreate files¬†

    You will be able to import and export files; organize your gallery; and  know how to save Procreate files into a variety of formats. 
  • Understand how to prepare files for upload to clients, customers, or POD sites to get your art on product

    Move your art from Crafts to CASH by learning how to get art files uploaded to POD sites, or prepared for submission to clients, customers, and buyers.
  • Mapped your path to creative success!¬†

    You'll have new understanding and confidence to take your art from Procreate - to Products - to PROFTIS

Students love this course!


Lindsey Murphy
Winter '23

Lisa Haight
Summer '23

Jan Beach
Winter '22

And the list...goes on and on and on! Click here for more love!


Lindsey Murphy
Winter '23


Lisa Haight
Summer '23


Jan Beach
Winter '22

"Sometimes it’s just time to learn new things, change up the way you work and challenge yourself to grow. I teach this to my college students, and I’ve applied it to myself with Beth’s Procreate program. The videos are easy to follow, I work at my own pace and the drawing, lettering, and painting tools are taking my work to the next level. Now I can work wherever I want, when I want."

- Martha Collins
Summer '22 Class

"Learn the ART of PROCREATE is an excellent course, whether you’re a beginner or have been using Procreate for a number of years. Beth breaks down each element into bite sized pieces, making sure that you get all the information that you need, without it getting too complicated. And she is so accessible! While the classes aren’t live, she is still there to answer questions, so you aren’t in it alone. And you get the recordings to refer back to for life."

- Wickie Roland
Fall '22 Class

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The Summer '24 Class has limited seats. 
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It's time to discover how you can PROFIT with Procreate!

This intimate group will enjoy One2One Coaching with Beth,
as well as exploration on how to increase your creative confidence. You'll also plan and strategize goals for your creative business or side hustle.
You'll map your path to creative success.
So exciting!

A popular and memorable part of this course is the Masterminds with Industry Leaders who come to meet YOU and share the secrets of their success as a creative professional.

You will enjoy an exciting journey¬†where you become a Pro with Procreate; discover confidence in yourself and your creativity‚ÄĒwhile you¬†gather the knowledge needed to build a successful business¬†using the artwork you create...with Procreate.

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I have had the most remarkable summer. I’ve spent the last eight weeks in Beth Buffington’s Procreate class.

It was SO much more than I could’ve ever imagined.

I was able to meet experts in my field and learn more about marketing my artwork and taking my illustration career to the next level.

I can’t thank Beth enough for her encouragement, kindness, and support.

I’ve never had someone SEE my work so clearly and inspire me to be bold and take a leap.

Thank you, Beth! You‚Äôve changed my life forever¬†‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ

- Lisa Haight | Summer'23 

What’s Inside
Learn the ART of PROCREATE

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When you enroll...

you’ll receive inside the course:

 Learn the ART of PROCREATE 

  • 8¬†Beautifully Organized¬†Modules
    ...that provide everything you need to successfully create YOUR art in Procreate
  • Meet and Mingle with Industry Leaders
    ...who will share stories and secrets about their creative success.
    (and an art submission exercise that will be pure gold!)
  • Goal Setting Masterminds -¬†¬†to Map Your Path to Creative Success
    ...information to take your art from creative passion ‚Äď to paycheck!
  • Personal One2One Sessions with Beth
    ...Chat with Beth personally to talk about your personal creative goals and dreams!
  • Lifetime Access
    ...to all class materials -  for future creative work.

Invest in Your Procreate Profits and Receive: 
FIVE Bonuses to Add More Value Towards Your Creative Success!  

Bonus 1 (Value of $625)

LIVE Q&A's & Biz Building with Beth

These¬†exclusive¬†LIVE¬†Sessions¬†with Beth - are tailored to build confidence in¬†YOU and your¬†abilities‚ÄĒalong with Q&A's, you will: integrate goal setting practices; instill¬†a visionary mindset; receive guidance¬†about your portfolio¬†& prep for¬†art submissions; you will gain knowledge about how to find people/companies to review your art; and you'll¬†explore¬†successful branding¬†& marketing for the creative business you are building.¬†

Bonus 1 (Value of $1,250)

LIVE Masterminds with Creative Industry Professionals

During these amazing Masterminds, you'll meet and mingle with Creative Professionals who are "killing it" in their creative areas of expertise. They come¬†to MEET YOU.¬†They will¬†share their creative success stories and provide their¬†secrets to creative profits... these are the people who know people who¬†are looking for creative art ‚ÄĒlike yours... Networking with people who are blazing the creative trail right now‚ÄĒis essential for you as you determine¬†your creative¬†path.¬†

PLUS... a unique opportunity from one of our speakers... an art submission exercise that could get YOUR art licensed on products! (THIS IS GOLD!)

Bonus 3 (Value of $480)

Access to the private Create-Today Community

When you register for "Learn the ART of PROCREATE"¬†- you¬†automatically are invited¬†into the Create-Today Community‚ÄĒ a creative safe space to share ideas, ask questions and make some artistic friendships with creatives from around the world. This is a great space to share ideas, talk about your work and your creative goals‚ÄĒwith people who understand YOU and what makes you unique.¬†

Bonus 4 (Value of $625)

One2One Coaching with Beth

During your personal Zoom sessions you will chat with Beth about your Procreate work and individual creative goals. It's an exciting time to chart your path and your progress. These sessions always boost spirits as well as IGNITE creativity! 

Bonus 5 (Value of $350)

The Guide: The Art of Procreate Gestures

"The Art of Procreate Gestures" is a comprehensive guide for any creative who wants to take their skills to the next level with Procreate. Step-by-Step this guide covers 25 essential Procreate gestures. By mastering these 25 gestures, artists can improve their speed, accuracy, and efficiency when creating digital art with Procreate. 

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  • Eight weeks of Modules & Videos
  • Weekly Schedules
  • Lesson Supplements &¬†Resources
  • Access to the Private Create-Today Community
  • "One2One"¬†Coaching with Beth
  • Review of your Website and/or online Portfolio
  • Goal-Setting Visionary Mindset & Networking Sessions
  • Masterminds with¬†Industry Professionals who will provide insight to rocket your creative biz.
  • Biz Building with Beth - Masterminds¬†
  • Confidence building and goal setting sessions to get you in the mindset for profits!
  • Access to the Private "Create-Today" Community¬†
  • Email Beth with Your Questions
  • Graduation Celebration & Certificate
  • Lifetime Access to Course Materials

A One-Time Payment of




6 Monthly Payments of



I can’t wait for you to
"Learn the ART of PROCREATE"

I've been a Licensed Artist for decades...and have taught college, upper level, digital illustration for years. I know what I teach. And I know what you experience each day as a creative.

As an artist who spent countless hours in my studio– drawing and painting to meet deadlines– while my family lived life around me… sometimes I felt very alone.

In 2018, while purchasing my iPad Pro, an Apple Genius told me about Procreate. I downloaded the $9.99 App - and BOOM - it changed my creative life. So, here I am preaching the good news to you today!

With Procreate, I learned to draw and paint– MY art– in the same room where my family watches television. I can draw and paint at anytime during a busy day.  Now, my studio is back to the haven it once was. I’m no longer locked in one room to find my creativity.

My friends - when you can take your tablet anywhere, and create YOUR art whenever or wherever your imagination is knocking– you catch creativity before it fades. It can be magical. 

I'm looking forward to being creative together!


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm Ready to Register!

"I took Beth’s class and it has been a game changer for me. I can finally create my art away from my computer/Photoshop! I’ve been a licensed artist for over 20 years, but it is never too late to learn new ways to work.

Do yourself a favor and take Beth’s class."

Jan Shade Beach, Licensed Artist
Winter '22 Class

"What a great class! Beth you are a wonderful teacher and I learned so much. I now feel I know the ins and outs of procreate especially all the little short cuts and details to make my images. Thank you!"

Linda Solovic
Winter '23 Class

"Thanks so much for everything! I feel like I've grown a lot as an illustrator and I credit this class for the room to be able to grow."

- 2021 Fall Illustration College Student